• IL: Testing and Assessment


    The District maintains a program of group testing to improve instruction and provide information about the District's educational program and student achievement.


    The District implements a testing program to:

    • Provide periodic assessment of student progress in achieving student performance objectives in reading, English I and II composition, mathematics, Algebra I, Geometry, science, biology and American History and American Government through the Ohio Learning Standards
    • Implement the Ohio State Testing Program at the grade levels and in the content areas specified by the State and ensure that students who earn a regular diploma have satisfied the State of Ohio State Testing program's requirements for graduation
    • Provide information for use in instruction, intervention, and guidance discussion under District developed guidelines
    • Identify strengths and areas needing improvement within classrooms, schools, and the District
    • Establish students' eligibility for participation in special programs
    • Ensure that test content is consistent with learner outcomes prescribed by the Ohio Department of Education and goals and objectives in the District's curriculum
    • Measure the District's progress in federally-funded educational programs.

    Nondiscriminatory Nature

    All tests shall be developed, administered, scored, and interpreted in a nondiscriminatory manner.

    Eligibility for Testing

    Each student with a disability is considered individually for their participation in the testing programs.

    The District's testing program specifies the test conditions for each scheduled citywide testing session, including designated tests and participants.  The District determines provisions for students with a disability in any testing session following the student's IEP or 504. The District permits students with an IEP or 504 plan to take an Ohio State Test, even if they have been exempt from testing. The District keeps documentation of the decision to exempt or not exempt a student with a disability in the student's IEP or 504.


    If a student's IEP indicates that the student does not qualify for exemption in all areas, the student shall take the test(s) in the nonexempted area(s).

    Testing Services

    The district shall promptly provide staff and students with the necessary testing materials and information to support test administration and the interpretation and use of test results. In addition, the District will send Family Reports to schools. In turn, the designated school sends the family reports on test results to parents and guardians.

    Organization and Administration of Tests

    A testing calendar shall be published each year and disseminated to staff and parents/legal guardians. The testing calendar shall schedule state tests consistent with state guidelines and all tests administered citywide.

    Schools shall design testing schedules to maintain a reasonable balance between the time required for instruction and the time needed for testing.

    An ongoing in-service program shall provide appropriate training to all school staff members involved in implementing the testing program, consistent with the identified needs of students from diverse racial/ ethnic backgrounds. Each school documents such in-service regularly.

    The District maintains the records of group testing results following the Board's policy on student records.

    Test Security

    The district and each school shall establish written procedures to protect the security of test materials.

    Reporting to the Public

    The District shall report test results annually to the local community as part of the Chief Executive Officer's annual report under Ohio Revised Code 3311.74(c).

    Evaluation of Testing Program

    The District's testing program shall be evaluated periodically and modified as necessary.


    • Adopted: December 6, 2001
    • Amended: March 29, 2022

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