• IKF: Graduation Requirements


    The Board desires that its standards for graduation exceed the minimum requirements of the Ohio Department of Education and State law. The requirements for graduation from high school include three areas: credits, competency, and readiness.


    • English Language Art
      • 4 units
    • Social Studies, including one-half unit of American History, one-half unit of World History, and one-half unit of American Government
      • 3 units
    • Science, with inquiry-based lab experience, including one unit each in Physical Science and Life Sciences and one unit in Chemistry, Physics or other physical science, Advanced Biology or other life science, Astronomy, Physical Geology or other earth or space science, or computer science
      • 3 units
    • Math, including one unit of Algebra II or its equivalent or one unit of advanced computer science
      • 4 units
      • Students who are pursuing a career-technical instructional track may complete a career-based pathway math course approved by the Ohio Department of Education as an alternative to Algebra II or advanced computer science;
    • Health
      • 1/2 unit
    • Physical Education
      • 1/2 unit
    • Economics and Financial Literacy
      • 1/2 unit
      • Economics may be an Elective, Math, or Social Studies credit aligned with Ohio Department of Education guidelines.
    • Senior Seminar
      • 1/2 unit
    • World Language or computer coding
      • 1 unit
    • Fine Arts
      • 1 unit
      • Can be waived if following a career-technical education pathway. An additional elective unit is required if waived.
    • Electives
      • 4 Units
      • Includes any combination of the following:
        • Business
        • Career-technical education
        • Technology
        • Additional courses in any subject area and not otherwise required under the statutory graduation requirements
      • Total
        • 22 units
      • Demonstrations of Competency on English II and Algebra I end-of-course tests as part of the statutory graduation requirements.
      • Demonstration of Readiness by earning at least two diploma seals, one of which must be state-defined.

    Locally Defined Diploma Seals

    Under State law, the Board establishes the criteria for at least one of the local diploma seals outlined in State law.

    Fine and Performing Arts Seal

    Students earning a Fine/Performing Arts diploma seal must complete both of these items:

    • School, District, or community recognized band, choir, or arts program for at least 3 out of the four years of high school
    • One of the following: Participate in a solo or ensemble competition, participate in the annual drama performance, or enter a District or community arts show.

    Student Engagement Seal

    Students earning the Student Engagement diploma seal must complete two of the following items with at least one taking place during their senior year:

    • Participate for two years on one District or community (i.e., AAU, Foundry, Rowing Club, etc.) sports team, or two years in two District or community sports teams (must be in good standing with the team regarding rules and eligibility)
    • Participate in a school or community Art club for two years
    • Participate in school or community Technology club for two years
    • Participate in school or community Foreign Language club for two years
    • Participate in school or community Student Leadership programs (Such as Upward Bound, National Honor Society, New Bridge Academy, P4SS, Urban League Leadership Program, Drug Court Program, Boys and Girls Club) for two years
    • Participate in District Mock Trial Program for two years
    • Be a member of student government for two years
    • Other club involvements not mentioned are subject to approval by the school leadership committee

    Community Service Seal

    Students earning this seal must earn 40 hours of community service and complete approved, appropriate documentation

    Summer School

    The District accepts summer school credits toward graduation, provided that the student receives administrative approval before registering for the course.

    Educational Options

    The District awards high school credit to students who complete Board-approved educational options that count toward graduation and subject area requirements.

    College Credit Plus

    The District awards credit for courses completed at an accredited postsecondary institution. High school credit awarded for a course completed under College Credit Plus counts toward the District's graduation and subject area requirements. If the District offers a course comparable to the course completed, then comparable credit for the completed equivalent course is awarded. If the District offers no comparable course, the District grants the student an appropriate number of credits in a similar subject area.

    Course Work Before Ninth Grade

    Student work completed before the ninth grade is applied towards graduation credit if taught by an individual with a valid high school teaching license. In addition, the Board must designate the course to meet the high school curriculum requirements.

    Physical Education Exemption

    A student who, during high school, has participated in interscholastic athletics, marching band (including drumline), show choir, or cheerleading (including high stepping) for at least two full seasons is not required to complete any physical education courses as a condition to graduate. However, a student eligible for this exemption who opts not to complete the physical education course requirement is instead required to complete ½ unit, consisting of at least 60 hours of instruction, in another course of study.

    Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) Exemption

    A student who has participated in JROTC for at least two full school years is not required to complete any physical education courses as a condition to graduate. In addition, a student may use the academic credit received from participating in JROTC to satisfy the requirement to complete one-half unit in another elective course.

    Community Service

    The District supports community service education, which acquaints students with the history and importance of volunteer service and a wide range of existing community needs. Community service opportunities may be considered an elective towards graduation if approved under guidelines in Policy IGBM: Credit Flexibility.


    • Adopted: June 27, 2017
    • Amended: October 22, 2019; March 29, 2022

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