• IGBJ: Title I Programs


    The Title I program is based on an annual assessment of educational needs. This assessment includes identifying at-risk students in this District. As a result, the District provides Title I services to all eligible, at-risk students.

    The Board believes parent and guardian partnerships are an integral part of the Title I programs. These partnerships include, but not be limited to, participation by parents and guardians in school activities and programs and training and materials which build capacity to improve their children’s learning at home and school. To create a partnership between home and school, the District:

    • Informs the parents and guardians of the program, the reasons for their children’s participation, and the specific instructional objectives
    • Encourages parents to work with their children to attain instructional objectives
    • Trains teachers and other staff involved in programs under Title I to work effectively with the parents of participating students
    • Develops partnerships by consulting with parents regularly
    • Provides opportunities for parents to be involved in the operation and evaluation of the program
    • Provides opportunities for the full participation of parents of all literacy levels or whose native language is not English.

    The District uses Title I funds to augment State and local funds. The Board uses such funds to provide educational services in schools receiving Title I assistance. In addition, the District uses the funds to deliver comparable services to all schools receiving Title I assistance.


    • Adopted: May 16, 2002
    • Amended: March 29, 2022

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