• IIA: Instructional Materials



    Core instructional materials include textbooks and workbooks required to support instruction in courses. The Board of Education adopts core textbooks, workbooks, and other instructional materials for specific courses.

    Supplementary textbooks, workbooks, and instructional materials are published materials that provide support beyond the core materials. Supplementary instructional materials mean instructional content, regardless of format, provided to the student, including printed or representational materials, audiovisual materials, and materials available in digital formats. Supplementary print textbooks, workbooks, and instructional materials are not subject to adoption by the Board of Education.

    Provision of Core Instructional Materials

    As part of the legal responsibilities of the Board of Education and to support District learning and teaching, the District provides core instructional materials to all District students. In addition, schools offer core textbooks for use at home and school to each student enrolled in the District under a uniform distribution formula. All core instructional materials selected by the District and used in District schools support the District’s educational philosophy, objectives, and goals.

    Purchasing of Textbooks, Workbooks, and Instructional Materials

    The District allocates an appropriate proportion of the district budget to core instructional materials. Following the District’s initial purchase of adopted instructional materials. The District purchases core consumable workbooks each year. Schools must supplemental materials the same way other supplies and equipment are purchased.

    Selection of Textbooks and Workbooks

    The District is responsible for identifying, vetting, and creating curricular options that align with Ohio Learning Standards, Vision for Learning, and Principles of Learning and Teaching. In addition, the District may implement ad hoc committees of classroom teachers, District personnel, and community representatives to review and recommend instructional materials.   

    All committees:

    • Must be balanced concerning the student population served
    • Reflect expertise in the course of study for which the adoption is being made
    • Include building administrators
    • Include community representation
    • Receive training in the use of District selection guidelines and evaluation instruments
    • Must be convened by the appropriate administrators (e.g., curriculum specialists, principals)
    • Submit their recommendations promptly

    Characteristics of Textbooks, Workbooks, and Instructional Materials

    District personnel recommend textbooks, workbooks, and instructional materials which:

    • Reflect the District’s Vision for Learning
    • Emphasize essential standards and address unfinished learning within a strong Tier 1 program for all students
    • Support quality instruction for English learners and students receiving special education as part of Tier 1 instruction
    • Support scaffolding that does not compromise high cognitive demand or access to grade-level content and complex text
    • Provide student tasks and assignments that reflect high expectations and meet the level of rigor required by Ohio Learning Standards
    • Support engaging and exciting instruction that accelerates student learning
    • Support instruction that is linguistically and culturally responsive and inclusive
    • Portray the cultural, racial, and gender diversity of roles in our society accurately
    • Encourage students to understand not only historical roles and contributions of the variety of cultural, racial, ethnic, and religious groups in the United States but also the forces which shaped those roles and contributions and how and why contemporary roles and contributions are different
    • Portray the significant contributions of individuals belonging to the variety of cultural, racial, ethnical, and religious groups in the United States as reflecting their individual and group uniqueness
    • Reflect a diversity of perspectives and viewpoints
    • Reflect current, accurate information and research
    • Support the knowledge, intellectual processes, and democratic dispositions required for students to be active and engaged participants in public life.

    Review/Adoption Schedule

    The District maintains a regular review and adoption schedule to ensure textbooks are up-to-date in content and reflect current instructional practices. As the District implements this schedule, the District evaluates previously purchased textbooks and workbooks being used in schools to reduce the use of obsolete materials, monocultural materials, and materials not meeting the provisions of this policy.

    Before adopting core instructional materials by the Board, the textbooks, workbooks, and instructional materials, recommended by the District are made available for review by parents, guardians, and community members.

    The Chief Executive Officer establishes procedures to inform parents/legal guardians and the community of the opportunity to review core instructional materials. In addition, the District shares community comments with the Board.


    • Adopted: December 6, 2001
    • Amended: May 24, 2022

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