• IGBH: Nontraditional Education Programs


    The Board may approve the establishment of nontraditional programs for students who may benefit from learning in an environment or method different from a traditional school.

    The primary objectives of such programs shall be to:

    • Provide individual guidance and challenge for each student
    • Develop an instructional program that assists each student in overcoming or recovering from academic, personal, and behavioral challenges
    • Strive to improve each student’s self-concept so that they recognize their ability to succeed and play a contributing role in society
    • Provide an accepting environment that gives respect and confidence to each student
    • Develop a realistic instructional program that provides each student the flexibility of schedule and the skills necessary to become an independent citizen

    Nontraditional Education program staff recognize that education encompasses more than formal classroom instruction. In addition, staff members must design a cooperative staff/student individualized educational plan that includes long-range goals and measurable objectives for reaching these goals. In addition, staff members also recognize that varied engagement strategies are required and paramount to students’ success.

    The department staff members establish criteria for selection and retention in the nontraditional education program. The Chief Executive Officer or their designee approves the selection requirements. Families and program staff will collaborate to develop a return plan to support student success when returning to a traditional education program.


    • Adopted: October 4, 2001
    • Amended: March 29, 2022

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